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MS Business Foundations​

Business Woman Secretary Business Woman Office
Business Woman Secretary Business Woman Office

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Course Summary

The stock market gains or loses each day – but what does it mean? In this course, students will learn about the fundamentals of investing, (virtually) invest money and compare results with the class.

Students will create a budget, learn about banks and checking accounts, and discover how money can grow. In this course, students will also look at credit card offers and learn about the ways credit card companies attract new customers. This course will help students understand the importance of accounting concepts and how all businesses need them. Finally, students will opportunity to decide what type of business they would like to own, create advertisements, and learn about business competition.

Course objectives

Gain an understanding of how To manage money appropriately:
  • Discover the steps involved in starting a part-time business
  • Learn the fundamentals of investing
  • Learn the importance of why we pay taxes
  • Utilize the Internet to track the performance of an investment portfolio
  • Learn how to create a budget
  • Understand the function of banks and checking accounts
  • Become familiar with the various types of financial statements used by businesses
  • Explore accounting as a profession

Course Dates

VHS courses follow an academic calendar and run for 15 weeks:

Fall 2016
Sept 7th – December 20th, 2016

Spring 2017
January 25th – May 9th, 2017


Ability to manipulate numbers and use simple pre-algebra formulas.

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Additional Requirements

Headphones are recommended, but not required. Students will be using a voice board during this class and will need to listen to and record messages. If your school does not have the necessary equipment for this tool, students can still participate by typing their messages into the voice board.

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Duration 15 w
Level Beginner
Start Date Spring 2017

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