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Computer Science Honours


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COURSE SUMMARY (Grade : 9 - 12)

This course is an introduction to computer science, covering the basic concepts and elements of the Java programming language and introducing object-oriented programming. Students will gain experience writing programs that are well documented according to industry standards and will have the opportunity to create Java Applets and learn about Graphical User Interface programming with Swing. Additionally, the students will be encouraged to work both independently and collaboratively to solve practical problems that illustrate application-building techniques.

This course is intended to teach and reinforce crucial academic skills to help students strengthen their background in computer science prior to taking an Advanced Placement course.

Course Objectives

  • Develop a working knowledge of Java, including object-oriented programming and user interface design.
  • Gain experience writing Graphical User Interface (Swing) programs.
  • Learn how to develop a Java Applet.
  • Develop project-construction skills.


Course Dates

VHS courses follow an academic calendar and run for 15 weeks:

Fall 2016
Sept 7th – December 20th, 2016

Spring 2017
January 25th – May 9th, 2017
Once enrolled we will be in touch to confirm your preferred start date and advise of the next steps

Each course will run for a duration of 16 weeks.


One year of Algebra. This course is not intended for students who have completed the course “Computational Science and Engineering Using Java” or an Advanced Placement course in computer science.

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Duration 15 w
Level Beginner
Start Date Spring 2017

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