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English Composition 1


About Instructor

Grade: College course level 100/200

Course Description

Using problem-based learning and real-world situations, this course teaches you how to apply knowledge in practical and relevant contexts. Our Many Ways learning model features multiple teachers and various instructional styles for each concept so you can find a style that meshes with your individual learning preference. This rich, immersive experience helps you better understand and retain information, for an all-around smarter way to learn.
Sophia’s English Composition I course takes you through the stages of the writing process, from brainstorming and drafting through revision and proofreading. Students will strengthen their writing skills and become more engaged readers and critical thinkers.

Course objectives

  • Describe English Composition
  • Articulate the Writing Process
  • Apply Writing and Revising Techniques
  • Conduct Research and Integrate Evidence
  • Synthesize Academic Writing Skills

Course Dates

VHS courses follow an academic calendar and run for 15 weeks:

All courses are offered on a rolling enrollment basis. You choose your own start date and have 60 days to complete each course. However, because the courses are self-paced, you can complete them in fewer than 60 days.

Self-Paced, 60 day completion, free 30 day extension available.
ACE Credit Recommendation
3 College Credits



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  1. 2 out of 5


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Start Date Spring 2017

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