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Masters and Specializations

Masters and Specializations

Along with our Partner Organisations

The ASB Online Academy has partnered with a number of organisations in order to offer a uniquely extended program of professional learning to support the needs of our global online learning community.

Explore each of programs below for an overview of each. Click on the link to learn more about a specific program of learning.

All AAIE course fees are paid directly to AAIE at the time of registration, inclusive of graduate credits where applicable: http://aaieinstitute.com. If completing the full masters program with Wilkes University, the additional four courses required for the Masters degree would be paid directly to Wilkes University.

AAIE Institute for International School Leadership

A program comprised of eight courses. Each course is seven weeks in duration. Courses may also be taken individually. Graduate credit available for individual courses or may be taken as part of a Masters with Wilkes University**

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The Academy for Blended and Online Learning (ABOL)

The Academy for Blended & Online Learning (ABOL) offers a series of fully facilitated, online courses for both school administrators and teachers. ABOL courses provide the skills and knowledge necessary to create, implement, and support successful blended and online programs for students. Instructors model best practice for online facilitation and are available to participants throughout the duration of each course.

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Danielson's Framework for Teaching (Effective Teaching Strategies)

The Framework for Teaching, created by Charlotte Danielson, identifies those aspects of a teacher’s responsibilities that have been documented through empirical studies and theoretical research as promoting improved student learning. PLS 3rd Learning has created a series of online Professional Development courses aligned at both the Element and Component levels of Danielson’s Framework. Comprised of over 40 modules ranging from five to fifteen hours in duration, these online Professional Development courses encompass components for all four domains (Planning and Preparation, The Classroom Environment, Instruction, and Professional Responsibilities). Job-embedded assessments are integrated within each mini-course.

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* A separate Wilkes University application is needed for the Master of Science Degree in International School Leadership program. For more information, please click here

  • All course registration takes place via the ASB Online Academy course page (click enroll)
  • Once registration and enrollment are complete, the ASB Online Academy team will contact you to discuss the next steps